December 10, 2013

last minute lighting

so tess and i rented out the studio for one afternoon because we need photos for are lighting final that was due in a few days, lol.

edited in lightroom, still playing around with the develop setting. mah heart still beats 4 photoshop though.

 photo IMG_5398_zps0ea7fc81.jpg

 photo IMG_5379_zps6cfce07f.jpg photo IMG_5410_zps8993a243.jpg photo IMG_5417_zps0b6b4f0e.jpg
nothing was working, and changing the seamless is the bane of my existence
 photo IMG_5457_zps8166bbb4.jpg photo IMG_5488_zps682f9eee.jpg
i'm srry tess these were too great to not upload :*
  photo IMG_5512_zpsaa35934f.jpg photo IMG_5553_zpsb027a32a.jpg photo IMG_5581_zps9296a4c4.jpg photo IMG_5584_zps05765ea3.jpg
playing around with backlight strobes - i wanted to spray water in the background but we didn't have we used windex mixed with water. needless to say the headache afterwards was probably very not good.
 photo IMG_5600_zps0355cb1d.jpg photo IMG_5608_zps34321b0c.jpg photo IMG_5653_zpsafd28b18.jpg photo IMG_5727_zpsb6836339.jpg photo IMG_5732_zpse3b50de5.jpg photo IMG_5758_zpsd4a30da8.jpg photo IMG_5769_zpscee21413.jpg
idk why this is so purple, woops.
 photo IMG_5772_zps5f3483ce.jpg photo IMG_5780_zpsd6e01925.jpg photo IMG_5790_zps9f9759d5.jpg