January 4, 2014

streetlamps, snow, 2am

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i miss blogging because it's honestly such a wonderful way to keep track of the 5million photographs i take. right now i'm just biding my time in new jersey, waiting for january 20th where i'll be whisked away to london for the next few months.

it's nice at home, i'm learning how to fill my time and get some sleep. i've been spending the last few days watching "lost" with my mother - we are almost done with the first season and i'm hooked. my mom knits while i sit there raptured in the dramatic/horror music and just want everyone to be happy and braid each other's hair. i also read "american gods" in a day and plan to plow through another huge pile of books.

since getting my phone, i haven't been using my mark ii for many things because my phone is simply easier and more "in the moment" - let's say.

my mom had decided that she was too tired to keep on watching, so she grabbed her blanket and headed upstairs. i am obsessed with street lamps and the nighttime. that moment when the snow first falls is one of my favorite things - it's finally quiet and literally no mice be stirrin'. freshly fallen snow in the night is for the lack of more poetic terms: fucking glorious. knowing that you're the only one awake prowling around is oddly satisfying as you watch those lil' snowflakes float down. i may or may not have sang the chorus of frozen's "let it go" no shame here.

i didn't get many stellar shots (because despite what i may believe, i too am not elsa and i am susceptible to the cold) - i just wanted to update my blog with something. i am doing my biannual blog detox, but this time it's for real (or so i say). i'm reorganizing my tags and putting those embarrassing high school posts back in my drafts and just preppin' this ol' blog for my london adventures.

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