January 24, 2014

ellen (probably frozen)

here are some photos i took of ellen right before i left and forgot to upload them in the craze of packing and last minute shenanagins. (london update soon!) i recently sold my 100mm macro lens and bought the 35mm f/2 over the 28mm and i'm really loving it so far. it's a different feel than the 50mm and warrants to less "close up" portrait shots and more incorporation of the environment (so far, in my sense).

i realized i've taken photos with ellen for the last two years, so i thought it would be interesting if we kept doing this. we wandered to the dog park across my neighborhood, as i have been doing for the last six years, but this time we wandered a little bit further and what do you know - we find this absolutely wonderful field with sandy browns and steel blues and simply capture the beauty of winter. since the days of flickr, my only dream was to photograph in a field and i was frustrated that my lame suburb in new jersey lacked this photographic staple. oh wait, just kidding, there has been one there all along. alas, so much teen angst probably could have been avoided.

anyway, thank you ellen for braving the cold for me - you are wonderful and i apologize again for the lack of feeling in your entire body. lately photobucket has been failing quality wise, and also i think me putting ellen in shrubbery is a trend.

 photo IMG_6660_zps9451dc1f.jpg

 photo IMG_6666_zps7478805f.jpg photo IMG_6516_zps24c846d5.jpg photo IMG_6574_zpse0d1a4df.jpg photo IMG_6550_zps7382b89a.jpg photo IMG_6583_zps6700c2b6.jpg photo IMG_6644_zps0ec0b05a.jpg photo IMG_6608_zps3b1f867e.jpg photo IMG_6616_zps98740b64.jpg photo IMG_6711_zpscb4e3014.jpg photo IMG_6702_zpsf0996b4a.jpg photo IMG_6723_zpse641b8aa.jpg photo IMG_6731_zps8665fe35.jpg photo IMG_6749_zps1eead52a.jpg photo IMG_6762_zpse7de502c.jpg photo IMG_6735_zpsfe565060.jpg photo IMG_6741_zpsdfd18051.jpg photo IMG_6769_zps64f43656.jpg photo IMG_6775_zpsd9af4ac9.jpg photo IMG_6755_zps9aded69b.jpg photo IMG_6776_zps5e23c0a2.jpg photo IMG_6790_zps9f4e096f.jpg photo IMG_6782_zpsde8fdf38.jpg photo IMG_6793-Edit_zpsb0f701f7.jpg photo IMG_6814_zps5d438faf.jpg photo IMG_6828_zps9472e70a.jpg photo IMG_6842_zpsf6457562.jpg photo IMG_6858_zpsc2cb40e9.jpg photo IMG_6886_zpsa9a1fd8a.jpg photo IMG_6877_zpsfc44dc34.jpg photo IMG_6898_zpsecd8e75d.jpg photo IMG_6875_zpsb2a78bd9.jpg photo IMG_6904_zps0e73e9fb.jpg photo IMG_6910_zps3dc87f14.jpg