January 22, 2014

bon voyage?

our flight didn't happen yesterday. i woke up to a snow storm raging outside and little red letters: cancelled. after an initial freak out and a very helpful british man from the virgin atlantic customer service department - our flight was moved 24 hours into the future. facebook is a weird things, and one of the weird things is seeing all everyone arrive in london this morning (if things went according to plan ashley and i would be there right now) while i'm still a world away. regardless, we will be on the plane tonight and get there bright and early thursday morning.

don't get me wrong, i'm beyond excited and thrilled to be living in london for the next four months - but some part of me wanted to go somewhere far away where i would simply just fall off the earth for a little bit. nyu london is very tied into my life at nyu and my life in new jersey (with seemingly everyone i know studying abroad there) which is not a bad thing! it's just strange to see so many connections to home - a place i sort of don't want connections too.

i met megan breukelman the other day when i was in the city! we had known each other for years from deviantart and i was wonderful to finally meet in da flesh. i took a handful of medium format shots but most of them turned out blurry because i, despite what i may think, do not have the stability of a tripod. the last two photos were just files of francesca and my home that were from failed rolls.

 photo 9_zps48a5dd9f.jpg photo 11_zps5789cb9f.jpg
 photo 20_zps263d1611.jpg photo 22_zpsb230d5d7.jpg

now, i am off to spend a ludicrous amount of money on a moleskine because i don't care if they're overrated they are beautiful and make me happy.