January 17, 2014

tyler in medium format

the night before tyler left for rhode island left we decided to wake up at sunrise the next morning to shoot some medium format only to wake up to gray on gray clouds. checking the weather probably would have been intelligent.

this is the first roll of color film i've shot with medium format - i shot it with kodak portra 400 with a mamiya 7 i borrowed from school. i keep forgetting that viewfinders don't show you how the actual photo looks like, so it's a different photographing experience and i was left unsure on how the photos would turn out. i'm getting the hang of it and i really love it. i like how the mamiya 7 has a light meter built in, but for the love of god i'm terrible at focusing. medium format has it's pros and cons - pros being the beautiful negative and colors and overall feeling but it doesn't have the fast snapshot feel that 35mm has that i love.

oh yes, and i forgot to set the camera to 120 film and it was set on 220 - so three photographs i ended up loving were obviously cut off. a+ julia, a+. and i apologize about photobucket's icky quality.

 photo 6_zps99503dfa.jpg
oh, the sunrise that never came.
 photo 8_zpse839f0c9.jpg photo 2_zpsf92dc8bf.jpg photo 0_zpscfa82ef8.jpg photo 7_zpsc4bce2d6.jpg photo 3_zpsc4e0929c.jpg photo 5_zpsb413d2b5.jpg photo 4_zpsc8c13f3c.jpg photo 1_zps7abbed5c.jpgalas, the focus.