November 14, 2013

portraits here and there

i had a lot of t-max 100 film sitting around so i thought i would shoot it. i did the settings all based off a light meter and reveled in my failure. i love shooting in 35mm and printing in the darkroom - but due to lack of time/probably laziness i just scanned them. (plz excuse my dirty negatives lol)

these are more of lighting tests - than anything. the first roll was of ashley and sophia // second roll was tess and bella.

 photo 22_zps1194289a.jpg

 photo 5_zpsd07bea24.jpg  photo 8_zpsc34b7055.jpg  photo 21_zps7e6578a8.jpg  photo 20_zpsdfc6a9d1.jpg  photo 16_zps3f7374d3.jpg  photo 13_zps9eb0ec0a.jpg  photo 9_zps9d44a508.jpg  photo 10_zps54024e45.jpg  photo 13two_zps6618ae14.jpg  photo 19_zps62b89eac.jpg  photo 29_zps32e2afea.jpg  photo 2copy_zpsa2c12288.jpg  photo 7_zps33d1b3d2.jpg  photo 26_zpsf8ad8c22.jpg  photo 23_zpsb070bc25.jpg