November 8, 2013

community gardens and hello, i am alive!

 photo IMG_0543_zpsb92b8599.jpg

WELL IT'S BEEN AWHILE EH? life has been busy and sophomore year has been good so far (trying to avoid the alleged sophomore slump): dealing with my weekly existential crisis - learning what it really means to live in the city - chilling out in my awesome dorm - expanding my love of photography through some great classes - and cooking a lot. oh also, i'm studying abroad in LONDON this coming spring and i'm ecstatic as shit. and i photograph for NYU Local so that's cool.

photo wise i don't think i've produced anything that exciting, but i'm not too bummed about that. i don't know if i'd say i was in an inspirational ditch but lately i've been more bitter and critical of the photos i see and the photos i take - but i don't think that should stop my from just shooting daily, because it isss my passion.

i'll upload some kind of summary post of my adventures, probably with iphone photos because lord knows i take too many of those. i do a good job of keeping my instagram constantly updated so i'm going to shamelessly post it again: here are a small batch of pictures i had sitting on my hard drive of my lovely babies: bella, tess, and morgan.

 photo IMG_0564_zpsb4171954.jpg photo IMG_0547_zps24497542.jpg  photo IMG_0550_zps8951f3a8.jpg photo IMG_0572_zps2723a726.jpg photo IMG_0573_zpsdb225a30.jpg  photo IMG_0594_zps27d382c6.jpg photo IMG_0628_zpsccddf4fe.jpg photo IMG_0633_zpscdb10a51.jpg photo IMG_0595_zps0865b5fd.jpg photo IMG_0670_zps136f38f4.jpg photo IMG_0673_zps9fbe0d68.jpg photo IMG_0330_zps3d7b81eb.jpg photo IMG_0335_zpsb8e64257.jpg  photo IMG_0342_zps18b007a2.jpg