September 12, 2013

sour in times square

i know, i have to update but i thought i would post these! (sophomore year is gr8 so far tho)

these aren't any special photos or anything, but i was meeting someone at times square toys r us for an nyu local article. i just hip shot and clicked the shutter during the 3 block walk up from the Q train to toys r us and the photos highly amuse me. every one is completely disillusioned and not amused, it's great.

for people who live in nyc - times square is the pit of hell, especially in the summer. of course you have to visit it once in your life i suppose, but after that you don't really ever have to go back. it's crowded, disgusting, full of tourists, and generally an awful place and not somewhere that really shows how awesome and unique the city is.

but look how grumpy everyone is