March 30, 2014

amsterdam: canals on canals II

day ones photos here

the next two days in amsterdam consisted of mint tea along the canals, biking in the bos along the tall trees and winding paths, drinking beer named "my precious," the ridiculously charming buildings sitting crookedly against one another, having pannekoeken once again -because we love it-, staring at the blue and yellow buildings shimmer in the canals for hours on an end, wandering around the city and trying to decipher dutch, seeing the absolute beauty of van gogh's paintings in person: the splashes of color and messy strokes that comprise a masterpiece of joy and emotion from a mad man's mind, the vanilla caramel cream cookie ice cream that we devoured alarmingly fast, watching all the bikers weave in and out of the narrow streets and across the bridges, sitting along the canals with our legs dangling above the water feeling like nothing is better than good company, food, and having my camera around my neck.

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