March 30, 2014

amsterdam: the pannekoeken life

hey ho, finally updating my blog with my travel photos. i uploaded them on flickr, so god bless the quality compared to the decreasing quality of photobucket.

i love getting to a city and spending the first day mapping it out in my mind and learning the streets. coming from manhattan, we're all equipped with the knowledge of city-exploring and i love seeing how each city compares to the next.

i've sorted this out into two blog posts, see day two and day three's photos here. thursday night we boarded an overnight bus to amsterdam (which included a ferry and stopping at calais, france for a little bit) and arrived at the crack of dawn. we stayed in a hostel outside of the city center: a camping hostel in the amsterdamse bos (forest) with their cute cabins and chalets.

in the end, we didn't have time to go to the anne frank house/heineken factory/rijksmuseum - but one can always save that for the next time.

7am arrival in amsterdam.
attempting to find wifi.
da crew, pictured starting from the left. tess (! from berlin who we found in the station at 7am when we arrived. she just failed at capturing a chicken we saw/), alicia (a fellow nyu londoner), and ashley (as you all know.)
spinnerj stop.
IMG_0554 IMG_0568IMG_0586IMG_0592IMG_0617IMG_0643IMG_0659IMG_0669IMG_0672IMG_0682IMG_6278
DUTCH PANCAKES AKA PANNEKOEKEN. it's basically a flat crepe/tortilla like thing topped with the most glorious things, ever. banana and chocolate, ham and cheese, lemon sugar, and apple cinnamon. we ate a cute place called "pannekoeken upstairs" with the most precarious stairs ever leading up to a small and cozy room with a sweet middle aged man in the center makin' pancakes.
IMG_6286 IMG_0710IMG_0715
stroopwafels = aka some kind of wafer/caramel delight that fed us for a solid day.
rijksmuseum! well, from the outside.
walking around vondelpark.
bike traffic is more precarious than actual car traffic. it's a city of bikes and it's so wonderful it MAKES ME SO HAPPY.
the chalets at night. we stayed in a cabin of eight (that ended up being just us that weekend) with a broken heater the first night (that we promptly got fixed in the morning after a night of our bodies going into deep hibernation in response to the cold).