March 30, 2014

kew gardens


about an hour tube ride away from the center of london is royal botanic gardens: aka kew gardens, da world's largest collection of living plants. to put it eloquently: i think plants are the coolest damn things - they're all grassy, planty, etc but the amount of diversity, color, and shapes they can take on are infinite. the gardens are absolutely stunning - full of various greenhouses and fields of flowers i want to frolic in, eat, and rub my face on.

we didn't get to explore the entire garden, we mainly stuck to the south side and visited the main greenhouses and the treetop walkway. click below to scroll the a large amount of tumblr photos of flowers, my guilty pleasure.

look who we came and visited us from paris! IMG_1996IMG_2002IMG_2010IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2033IMG_2035IMG_2042IMG_2047
orchid room!
dry area of the princess of wales' conservatory.
carnivorous plants room?
grant, ashley, and wellesley navigating through the varying climates of the greenhouse.

i love the UK's daffodil explosions.IMG_2264IMG_2266IMG_2268IMG_2270IMG_2273IMG_2277IMG_2278IMG_2281IMG_2284IMG_2288IMG_2289IMG_2298IMG_2299IMG_2311IMG_2313IMG_2317IMG_2319
grant and his juice box.
the weather during the entire afternoon was mainly sunny, with the clouds rolling with dusk. we ran toward the treetop walkway before the entrance way was to be closed only to climb on top and have the entire sky be covered in gray.

it started raining out of no where, and a couple seconds later the sun came out from behind the clouds and behold: the greatest rainbow i have seen in my entire life. an almost triple rainbow while we were walking amongst the top of the trees - it really doesn't get more picturesque than that. this photo was taken after it had started to fade.