April 1, 2014

baths in bath

IMG_2567IMG_2739 IMG_2847

nyu took us out on a day trip to bath, england - a beautiful and adorable city built upon limestone. it was pouring during most of the walking tour, to our dismay - but the sun came out as we stepped onto the 2,000 year old floors of the roman baths (so it all worked out in the end).

bath basically was the party town of the 1800s and built for the hip and happenin' people of england to spend their vacations and days - and before that it was a roman settlement named aquae sulis.

bath abbey and their ridiculous ceilings.

the limestone takes on the color of the beautiful turquoises of the statue, i'm dying.IMG_2709IMG_2711IMG_2730IMG_2733IMG_2738IMG_2782IMG_2766IMG_2799IMG_2800IMG_2812IMG_2830IMG_2841IMG_2860IMG_2872IMG_2878IMG_2901IMG_2912IMG_2922IMG_2927IMG_2951-2IMG_2976IMG_2979IMG_3002IMG_3003IMG_3013