May 12, 2014

england in film

kids peering over the edge at the filming of a documentary (?) at the old naval college, greenwich.
so i brought a bunch of color film to london, but for some strange reason it was left forgotten in the bottom of my suitcase until i fished it out a couple weeks ago. (also on that note i am tragically behind on blog posts about my semester/spring break extravaganza/and day trips woooops). the following photos were extracted from three rolls taken on an afternoon in greenwich village (in london), a spontaneous day trip to new forest national park in southampton, and a day trip to brighton.

the photos are in an awkward order and mostly out of focus (because i'm impatient).

pantless bebs in brighton beach.
brighton pier.
kaya and g on our rainy, 10 mile #nature hike in the english wild.
danielle poNdErIng on the tlr to greenwich.
g in new forest.
ashley in the painted room, greenwich.
frolicked amongst the horses grazing in a pride and prejudice like fashion.
mossy, witchlike trees in new forest national park.
gravel crunching beneath our feet and rain pattering on our umbrellas
sitting along the rocky beach of brighton.
pimm's on a rooftop garden along southbank.
bt tower lookin' non-photogenic as usual.