June 14, 2014

rue de la pompe

i am such a mess when it comes to updating photos (there are still an alarming large amount of blog posts i have to do about london / spring break / europe travels let alone the 20 i forgot about last year. alas / c'est pas grave). so long/dramatic story short, my five days in paris extended to two weeks and then extended to a month frolicking around with the french. more on that and all my emotions later.

i like taking pictures of people in their spaces, so here is victoria in her host mother's home in the 16 arrondissement in paris. it's this wonderful, old, twisting, wooden, vintage/lavish looking place (i can't do adjectives at the moment) that perfectly fits all preconceived notions of what paris apartments should look like.

she recently she moved out of this room that she had been living in for the past academic year to a cozy apartment on the top floor of the adjacent building. (which means we labor up six flights of ~seemingly benign~ wooden spiral staircases to the top, wheezing like elderly women) pix taken the day she had to move out ~*~*~*~ repetitive, so pick a favorite plz.