July 22, 2014

tyler in the bamboo forest

so yes. i've been almost home for a month now - meticulously sorting through europe photos, feeling post-abroad sadness, binge watching buffy, and reorganizing my portfolio (since i now actually have photos, unlike my high school days). i've decided my portrait section of my portfolio is going to follow the people whom i photograph the most (victoria and tyler since day 1, and ashley and tess as of college) so it's a lil timeline of the last five years. (also, going through every photo i have taken since 2009 is such a flashback -and a task.- how the hell have i been doing this for five years??? also i took lots of self portraits back in the day)

these photos are a throwback and return to one of the first places i stuffed tyler in for photos - the rapidly growing bamboo forest in my backyard.

anyway, let's mark this as the fastest i've ever gone through photos in my mortal life.