August 8, 2014

july in new jersey

i go through "phases" let's say, where i feel the passion of blogging burn though my veins and i dedicate an entire day to changing the layout and organizing my tags and feeling determined that i will blog all the photos from last semester and everything i missed. today is one of those days. i've asked my little sister to draw me up a cute header that will hopefully be up soon, but for now i've been playing around with the header and sorting through photos.

i would make this an iphone diary post, but alas it was stolen by a gypsy child in paris much to my sadness so you'll have to contend with my words.

adjusting back from abroad was hard. suddenly i was just home, almost as if it didn't happen and taken from the unknown and adventurous right back to the familiar and old. but this past month i've slowly acclimated myself back to the US and life - and everything is familiar but it does feel different because i have ~matured~ and *~*~*changed*~*~*~ * - throws glitter around-  home has been good, it might be because i've been in and out of the city the few last week - ripping my hair from it's roots trying to find an apartment with tess. (it's so stressful i can't even tangibly put it to words). and when i'm not apartment hunting i'm just wandering around and spending time with friends. the balance between hectic city and quiet home has actually made it quite good to be back. i love waking up in the morning to have coffee with my mom from her new french press and sitting out in the backyard under the shade with kira. (i've also found myself a fun sleep/night dress to swish around in so i'm never wearing pants it's glorious).

i'm reorganizing my portfolio as of now, making a new section of portraiture dedicated to the people i have developed close photographic relationships to. basically i want to get across that these photos aren't just aesthetic, random shots - but photos of people i care deeply about and almost an exploration of their relationship with me and with passing time. and now, after five years i actually have a body of work to work with. more on that later, though.

and i have been watching buffy and adventure time, and increasing have become the earl of lemongrab when i am frustrated to everyone's delight. so yes, i'm making lists and getting my life together and gearing up for the coming school year - i'm excited and happy and i feel FRESH AND NEW.

my grandma has been visiting from taiwan the last month, so these photos are from a family bbq a few days ago.

my cousin, my grandma, and me