July 1, 2010

new layout + HARRY POTTA

again! i feel like i should screencap the old one - but i'm too lazy. i wanted something cleaner and neater and more sophisticated - i felt the old one was a bit too flowery and perky. so i made a new one complete with an about me page *tosses flowers* still working out the little messes, but what do you think?

the only thing that really really really bother's me is the pages *links above* THEY'RE NOT CENTERED! *spasm* and also, you have to click the link, and click it again to get to the destination. annoying, i know ):

if anyone knows what to do i'd be entirely greatful, because the html is NOT in the "edit design" section where all the xml goes. i used the nifty new blog designer thing to do it, because i'm too lazy to code a whole new layout :)

as on life, it's going simple and going well. i emailed echo images (that i found via sarah smiley) my flickr and they replied back telling me they were interested in working with me and would send me a contrast! *woot* i also need to cash my (meager) $200 check from SEA NYC for the photo theft. other then that - i'm trying to post up all my 365 and enjoy my summer AND do my sat practice. i take classes at princeton review and it's not actually that bad. i got the scores back from my first mock exam (i took before the classes) and got an okay score for the first time. (11/12 on the essay *frothes*) judging by my grades from sophomore year....i really really need a good sat score.

and i'm going to crap my pants for the new harry potter film - i'm so glad my dashboard is being loaded up with dh related goodies. avatar is also coming out on thursday and i'm so excited! *firebends* dork. :) ( i didn't make any of these photos btw)

it's so true. and so is TIME's 5 reasons why hp>twilight.

i know, i know. leave twilight alone. why can't they live together in harmony? the thing is...they should! some people have brought it up and i totally agree. they only reason all this comparing and bashing is going on is because of the media bunching the two together. and when that happens HP fans (like myself) get incredibly angry and insult twilight.

well honestly, see it in this way. what if some girl just walked up and said "omg like miley cyrus is SO MUCH BETTER then micheal jackson i mean pshhhhh." i will guarantee you, that girl will get her ass whooped. now imagine if someone on TV said that. and even more people did. it just depends on what makes you tick. subsitute mj for whichever artist you revere and worship.

so all in all, i agree that they should just be able to coexist - but that's impossible because the stupid media insists on comparing the two and dubbing any hot new book "the next twilight." (which they said about hunger games! and btw, i saw twilight in three different languages at the book store. and a magazines with BELLA AND EDWARD..OR JACOB on the front. *barfs*) and i'm sorry, it's quite fun to hate. :B (i'm a terrible person, i know)

happy thursday! <3