July 9, 2010

one touch, another world

because what if everything you did was more then just a simple choice, every little change you made would create a new outcome. a universe - parallel to our own.

i was inspired by the numerous of science videos on parallel universe - and how millions of chances and worlds lie upon each other. each moment is another outcome, ten dimensions of time and chance.

it hurts my brain and melts and fries it simultaneously - but i like geek stuff like this.

but alas my initial concept was inspired by the fantasy books: golden compass, iron king, or any other book that talks out worlds living side by side - and the few that can pass through it.

i was going to use water - and manipulate it into the photo, but i forgot that i fail at that :x it was going to be mass of golden lights and streaks would come out and it was pretty f'ing tastic in my mind. *sigh* another day julia, another day.


and this ^ was just for fun :)

hay there.

after lots of trial and error and several frustrated screams later, i have this.

not what i envisioned of my mighty world fabric tearing finger of supreme awesomeness - but i suppose it'll do for the other concept. ):


going to family friend's house with victoria tomorrow - and we're going to start a new video year long project i came up with. involving jars and lots o' wishes.