October 28, 2011

killian and the lighbulb

[written on december 5th]

so, i have this slight obsession with light bulbs and wire. i had this idea spontaneously in independent study while watching the kids on computer graphic work. (if you don't know how independent study works, it's basically a senior thing you can do where you can....independently study. i'm doing it in photography with my art teacher and i get to write my own curriculum. but since photo is hard to do in school, i usually just make things and relax mah mind with art in that class.)

i took some wire and wove it into a hat! bonafide elf. killian is me independent study buddy. he keeps me company and puts up with my random shenanigans (while i berate him for abandoning every art project he starts). the backdrop is the chalkboard in the adjacent classroom.

i initially wanted to light it up on my own and i even procured a battery, small light bulb, and wires from my physics teacher. but, ahem, the light bulb was the size of a quarter - so no can do. i opted for a normal bulb and i simply lit it up in photoshop with a brush stroke. (i wish i could have done it irl though)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket ain't his eyes so fabulous. Photobucket reasons why i stay BEHIND the camera. Photobucket
do you like the random equations that have no meaning in the backdrop? aw yeah. ap physics, ftw.