May 22, 2012

when the world is quiet

first off: yes, another new layout. the other one was bothering me and i decided on SOMETHING RADICAL! i've been having 640px wide photos for the last two years, and it's time to amp it up to 800px for your viewing pleasure and my personal sanity. anyway, so yes. i also decided to use bloglovin' again, so you should follow me. *wink*

soooo, claudia and i had a sleepover last night - woho. basically, um, we tried out baby food, mario-karted, played two surprisingly short hours of mario party 7 (ugh, i forgot how much i loved that game), finished her girl scouts ceremony poster, had a quick photo-op, and then watched the latest episode of korra. (omg)

i've seriously forgot how much fun life is sometimes, i haven't had a sleepover in a very long time. much less a video game marathon. seriously, in my mind video games > clubbing^10000000.

here are some photos from our 3AM wanderings. we had to be silent because um, her parents probably thought we were sleeping. they were taken on her driveway. there is something about the night i can't quite put my finger on......whether it be the grain, the silence, or the increased power/effect of light....i lurv taking photos at night. and thanks man, for being mah model - i haven't taken photos in ages, so it felt good. (am i the only one that gets twitchy when you don't photograph in over a month?) and psh, claudia had fun as well. again, not much of a person to use models - they mean so much more if they are of friends. ya know.

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