August 29, 2012

college girl, oh hey

alright, so it's 2AM and i finally don't have any activities tomorrow morning - so i'll stay up a bit later. and i thought all of you guys deserved an update. basically, college is fucking amazing. i think a campus is so overrated (haha sorry), every day i get to wake up and walk through nyc and i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. i love my room mate and my suitemates and i'm so happy we get along. i've seen awesome shows and just generally awesome "welcome week" events. (btw, tisch musical theatre is AMAZING). so much has been happening i've even forgotten to eat. i love meeting new people, but it's so overwhelming at times. should i spend my time exploring? meeting people? going to events? AH. so much in so little time, and i'm actually incredibly psyched to start classes. i am so far, head over heels in love with nyu. i can't imagine being anywhere else and i can't wait to meet people and find my niche.

it's mostly surreal to me. i feel like it's not real. it's like camp, and i'll have to go back to home and high school in a few weeks. like holy shit, i'm at tisch. anyway, i'm just excited for what's to come and all the places i will explore and all the talented and awesome people i will meet. i (surprisingly) haven't taken that many photos. an instagram shot here and there. i'll update soon with actual photos. :)

my suitemate ashley and the strand on day one. the second photo is my wakeup NYC view. actually, as far as view goes i kind of...didn't get the best view. whatever, i love my room and everything. but seriously, in the dorm, founders, on the 25th floor - the rooms are ridiculously huge and the views are TO DIE FOR. you see the entire city and it takes my breath away, i'm so melodramatic.  
oh yeah, @auroille is my instagram.

and i do live in an apartment styled dorm with a kitchen, another double room next to mine, a bathroom, and a common room. you should be jealous of how awesome my college is.