August 11, 2012

what's new in julia-land

hm, i haven't made one of these posts in a while. probably because i usually don't like making incredibly personal posts - i guess it's just this thing were i don't want people i know to find my blog and hear my thoughts. i don't mind spilling them out to strangers, though. :)

here are some iphone/photobooth pix:

first photo is from my friend's p&s. i thought i should show at least one photo of my face from europe. second photo was captioned on fb as "asians taking pictures of food."
i luv being chinese. homemade potstickers with claudia.
  • holy crap! i bought a macbook! i saved up my work money and went: yolo. i ended up buying the 13 inch (even though all the photographers were telling me to get the 15...) but it's been almost two weeks, and i haven't regretted my decision at all! it took me around a day to get used to macs, but there are still a ton of stuff i don't know. if anyone has any tips to share, i would love it if you enlightened me. and also, skin/case/or sleeve?
  • my friend's dad gave me his old canon a-e program (with like, 4 lenses)! it was literally christmas, for me. with that, they also gifted me with 7 rolls of film. (christmas x2) so i've been snapping stuff on the film camera that i'll publish when i get it developed. more on that later.
  • i've been enjoying my time back from europe. spending it alone, going through photos, sitting in the backyard, spending time with my family and kira, rewatching avatar the last airbender, and going to work a few days a week. i love working as a server, it's an awesome part time job for a teen kid like moi.
  • i broke my hermit streak and went out with my friends and started reconnecting with society. i have this thing where i don't like to willingly go out, but once i do i have a great time. i mean, i do but i don't. gah.
  • i got to see tyler, claudia, and victoria in the same week to my delight. i love it when friends fill that gap you have. 12+ hours and victoria i still haven't finished talking yet. oh, and she started a new blog. you should follow her and force her to post, it will make my stalking life easier.
  • i've picked up reading again! after a dry spell during high school in which i only read a handful of books (too many of them being school readings). i've fished out my library card out of the depths of my room. i've devouring books just like my middle school days, and it makes me so happy. i keep track of my stuff on goodreads, you should follow me and tell me what to read. recent favorites include: a thousand splendid suns (ugh), the millenium trilogy, and the fault in our stars.
  • i'm looking at shakespeare quotes and wondering why i didn't enjoy them as much as i do now...during high school it was just torture. but after reading the inspiration for the title of john green's book (quote pictured above in my blog header) - THIS SHIT IS SO DEEP. ugh.
  • i saved up some more work money and bought myself a modest little andriod. by no means is it the galaxy but it's cute and it does what needs to be done. since i'm buying a new camera very soon, i opted for no data plan (which you can do!) but just a phone with wifi capabilities. i'm on instagram and words with friends and all that shit, find me. @auroille.
  • i'm seriously considering buying the 28mm 1.8. seriously considering. but ugh, money. why can't i shit money. after shooting europe in my 28-135mm, i want one with lots of bokeh - becuz that's my thang.
  • i've met my suitemates and they're all super nice but i'm afraid i'm going to college and no one will like me. i never realized how scared i was for this. so excited, but so scared. living in new york city? all new friends? alsalsfjk. the excitement and fear are running on high right now. i move in on august 26th, we'll see what happens. :)
  • what else can i rant about um. nothing else on my mind. i think i'll start posting more vacation photos (bermuda + taiwan). the reason why i didn't post them yet is because there were simply too many photos for me to digest, but now i don't care so i'll gradually put them up.
  • and finally, i want to thank you guys. every comment you leave makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. even though this blog is solely for my personal use, i love it when you guys leave feedback on my work. mwah.
holy crap, i haven't even posted graduation or prom photos yet - have i?