February 28, 2013

urban encounters: red umbrellas

something for class, i'll just copy and paste the artist statement:
Wandering around in the pouring rain, camera haphazardly wrapped in a Ziploc plastic bag, I photographed everything that caught my eye. I began to notice a pattern in my pictures; my eye was subconsciously drawn to red objects. A woman’s bright purse, a child’s rain boots, and a couple (more than a couple) of red umbrellas. What began as an aimless wander in the soaked city soon became a scavenger hunt. Spotting a splash of red across from the street and chasing it through the streets and avenues. Urban Encounters, quite literally. The moment I decided to look for red umbrellas, they suddenly multiplied in mass quantities. A rare occurrence turned out to be much more common than I had imagined it to be. These little details are what make the environment around us so, for the lack of better terms, special. It’s tiny elements that you don’t notice on a day-to-day basis, but you would realize it if it were gone. Kind of like the spice that completes a perfect dish of food, red umbrellas to me are another wonderful colorful quirk the city has to offer.
sorry for the lack of updates, i have digital this semester and we've been shooting everything in raw or adobe rgb so converting everything is a bitch. i'll post more various photos later.

so i did this thing where i edited them first on my macbook and then opened it up on the school's correctly calibrated computers to print them out - and i was like LAWD THE COLORS SO bAD. so i fixed them. but because i am lazy, i didn't want to wait for the tif files to resave soooooo i had to re-edit and convert these photos for the internet. it looks much better printed, as does everything.