March 28, 2013

coney island in film

yay i finally developed and scanned my film! this was from my first trip to coney island with some photo friends. :) i have a lot of pictures to upload, i'll get around to it eventually. back in early march when it was still empty and cold. i apologize for the terrible scan quality.

 photo 35mm_zps36a868d2.jpg
 photo 35mm1_zps74fbf6a5.jpg photo 35mm2_zps482ccea5.jpg photo 35mm3_zps23d10d2c.jpg photo 35mm4_zps1d3b79f6.jpg photo 35mm5_zpsba912ff3.jpg photo 35mm7_zpsbb3cf669.jpg photo 35mm9_zps2e8d7f35.jpg photo 35mm10_zps23865e2b.jpg photo 35mm11_zpsb8da72d6.jpg photo 35mm12_zps5e80ceb5.jpg photo 35mm13_zps7ff7a230.jpg photo 35mm14_zps1997edd0.jpg photo 35mm18_zps8ba65b7e.jpg photo 35mm19_zpsa4abe9a6.jpg photo 35mm6_zpsb86e50e8.jpg photo PICT0455copy_zpse10860c0.jpg photo PICT0454copy_zps66ff3b10.jpg photo PICT0453copy_zpsdb18e196.jpga cute picture that jess took.