May 21, 2013


heLoLO! it's been ages, i know. but now that the semester is over and i'm back home, i'll have all the time in the world to upload my plethora of photographs.

my first year at nyu was just awesome, i love it there and i love all the people and i love the city. but i'll ramble about my personal things later, here are the photos i took for my final project.

i didn't have as much time as i wanted to work on this, so it's not what i wanted it to be but i like the direction it is going. i wanted initially to explore memory via cognition (since i was in a cognition, psychology course) but it became something more along the lines of: what happens when images begin to decay and we can't exactly remember things?
statement:  The power and fallacy of our cognitive memory fascinates me. Memories and photographs are how we define ourselves as individuals and as a collective society. But what if we never wrote things down or took photographs and our memory was the only way to recollect our past? Human memory can never be trusted to be accurate, even though it is crystal clear in our mind's eye it is more than often misremembered. When we remember something, we pull the memory out and replay it again - and each time we replay it it is vulnerable to change. Thus not only can they be subconsciously altered, but can be forgotten over time. What happens when these images start to decay and we can no longer remember the first time we met so-and-so or the time when we had a bonfire or the time when we lost someone. What happens when we lose pieces of our memory? What do we trust? I wanted to convey the fleeting sense of time, hazy images, and jumbled thoughts. Drawing inspiration from 1984, Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind, and the beautiful train station from Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away - I embarked to try and explain the fallacy of memory and our imagery.

these photographs were taken on the train stations following alongside the Queens-bound 7 train. the train stops were above ground and on an open platform with nothing but the skyline in view with romantic-ass lamps it was perf. more photos on that later.

thank you to my darling bella for coming along with me

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 photo _MG_1964_zps67ad6b93.jpg  photo _MG_4913_zpsf9edc9a9.jpg  photo _MG_5049_zps41beb410.jpg photo _MG_5101_zps6971e011.jpg photo _MG_5237_zps625c29ac.jpg photo _MG_5111-Edit_zps91571fc5.jpg photo _MG_1544_zpse70567f6.jpg