March 23, 2013

long island adventure

i know, i has to post old photos. i just found my USB that i thought i forgot at home, so i'll get around to it.

i visited ashley (and grant) in long island today for a photo adventure! i took a lot of photos for my upcoming school project, in which i will share when it is done (and when i figure out what it iS). we went to sands point reserve, where the forest meets the sea and it is lovely.

this spring break was too short - i'm off to the city tomorrow morning. i am (in the process of) writing up a website for myself (i have to say it's looking quite dashing ATM) and watching lots o' walking dead.


oh, and i'm going for the 365 again.  i've been thinking about starting another one, i miss taking photos for the sake of taking them. i know i'm going to be incredibly busy this upcoming week - so we'll see where this goes. i might not update every day but i'm going to try and take one as often as i can. i think i'm going to upload it to flickr, i'm not quite sure yet!