July 10, 2013

around the house film

some film photos i have in my files i took earlier this summer. it's july already, what? the photos with the dates on the bottom corner are from a test shoot from an old point and shoot film camera a family friend graciously gave me. and they're underexposed loL MY B w/E. and some photos from school are sprinkled in there~

how is it that you can get decent DOF/bokeh on a point and shoot in film but not digital?

 photo 54400002_zps71bc5641.jpg photo 54400005_zps0029910b.jpg photo 54400006_zps277a04b2.jpg photo 54400010_zps3e974f3c.jpg photo 54400011_zpsb4c5599a.jpg photo 54400015_zpsd4e4cd66.jpg photo 54400017_zps62e2cba7.jpg photo 54400020_zpsbe4d35a8.jpg photo 54400021_zps54ceebb8.jpg photo 54400022_zps8ca9731c.jpg photo 54400023_zps9e3cfb78.jpg photo 28730018_zps19270db7.jpg photo 28730020_zps198f1b1f.jpg photo 28730019_zps678efea5.jpg photo 28730023_zps6329695a.jpg photo 28730024_zpsad238cde.jpg photo 28730027_zpsb056af73.jpg photo 28730026_zps2efc6df6.jpg photo 28730028_zpsf40bc18f.jpg photo 28730029_zps3397793a.jpg photo 28730031_zpsbd43b8c7.jpg photo 28730030_zps00cd7811.jpg photo 28730033_zps653d3911.jpg photo 28730035_zps0edfcdbb.jpg photo 28730036_zps59795dc0.jpg photo 28730037_zpsf1d0ffbb.jpg