July 25, 2013

upstate adventure: syracuse, catskills, & skaneateles

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since i didn't plan any vacations this summer, i went to upstate NY for ten days to visit friends and get away from home. it really was refreshing to get out of the house and take a break from work and have fun. upstate is so open in comparison to the urban suburbs that i live in. so much green and empty space, my photographic senses were itching. most of the photos were taken on my iphone and 35mm film (a few digital shots here and there). i didn't get to take as many photos as i would have liked, but i got to spend time with my favorite people so that's all that really matters.

also it just occurred to me i haven't published all my photos from my 2012 europe trip w00ps.

 photo IMG_2441_zps54214228.jpg  photo IMG_2448_zpsc807dd37.jpg photo IMG_2450_zps7d81a90e.jpg photo IMG_2436_zps348ddcc7.jpg photo IMG_2459_zpse65e7538.jpg  photo IMG_2458_zpsd019641a.jpg photo IMG_2461_zpsfe16abcb.jpg  photo 60760003_zps5aa7f4cc.jpg photo 60760004_zps264cb766.jpg
i spend the first day with my friend morgan in her beautiful home right outside of syracuse driving around and catching up. it's weird how different and similar her town is, it's so open and less cluttered by industry and fresh. i dig it.
 photo 60760026_zpsc3e3beb7.jpg
this is her kitty skyler and he has THUMBS.
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the next day we embarked on a "three hour" (but we made it in under 2 hours?) drive to tess's place up in the catskills. i wish i could have spent more time with tess and morgan, but because of work we only got to see tess for a day.  photo 60760020_zps39e06390.jpg
nothing like driving with the windows down, blasting the arctic monkeys.

i'm a vine hoe, btw. instagram video doesn't attract me as much because 15 is a wee bit too long and vine is more for "stupid fun things."
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there is something about unpaved roads without signs or people that is quite appealing.
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an awesome abandoned house.
 photo IMG_2532_zps21cd7338.jpg photo IMG_2622_zps77176b9f.jpg photo IMG_6223_zps9885f5a7.jpg photo IMG_6230_zpsf048549c.jpg photo IMG_6231_zps7610dd48.jpg photo IMG_6255_zps6278c192.jpg photo IMG_6280_zpsdecf4ea6.jpg photo IMG_6285_zpsb96c062b.jpg
playing around with smokebombs woHO
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"no put your FACE in the smoke"
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le fail
 photo IMG_6400_zps61e57f5b.jpg  photo 60760007_zpseba4c20b.jpg photo 60760005_zps1ea6ccd5.jpg photo 60760011_zpsd96bd66c.jpg photo 60760009_zps2b410a21.jpg photo 60760014_zps9c29e5df.jpg photo 60760012_zpsc9b1e4ff.jpg photo IMG_2536_zps59df8dcb.jpg photo IMG_2535_zpsa81458fb.jpg photo IMG_2529_zps05198ac3.jpg photo IMG_2554_zps1dd779d4.jpg photo 60760016_zpse4cf28f6.jpg photo IMG_2563_zps67c63e31.jpg photo IMG_2587_zps6ec35d27.jpg  photo 60760017_zps1f2a5a48.jpg
we stayed the night in her mom's studio then visited her at work for fewd before the drive back.
 photo 60760024_zps8fc1a675.jpg photo 60770002_zps6d3e78f1.jpg i spend the rest of the day with morgan before she dropped me off at katy's house half and hour away because everyone has work (sad face) and i was only able to stay a day with each person. XD
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i can't fathom having this as my backyard? it's so crowded where i live so you can never have your own open space.
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katy's town has a massive lake where all people have boats and shit like that. it was beautiful.
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we didn't want to pay to swim in the lake (haha) so we went to a hiking trail and relaxed in the water.
 photo IMG_2742_zpsda064984.jpg photo IMG_2739_zps86ed0206.jpg photo IMG_2738_zps343a2e97.jpg photo IMG_2736_zpsc972a890.jpg
we went back to sunbathe, but it was sadly cut short because i had to catch the last bus of the day to utica (to visit victoria at hamilton college).
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so that's how i spent my first three days upstate! i wish i could have stayed with them longer, but everyone has work and i am more than familiar with stubborn managers refusing to relieve us.