July 1, 2013

college times: april

[written jan 2014]

updating some old photos i never got around to uploading, alas - not much is remembered but preppin' for the warmer months to come.

i spent a lot of days wandering around 2nd ave taking photos for my digital class, went to an awesome indian restaurant laden with a million hanging lights, went to a persian street fair where tess was running a tay tea stand, finally ate a coolhaus ice cream sandwich, went to the zoo for tina's birthday, and just hung out ya know.

 photo _MG_3394_zpsa1e0c2d6.jpg  photo IMG_3927_zps742b5a2c.jpg
 photo _MG_2895_zps9c2a9283.jpg  photo IMG_3032_zpsa6f0b6d0.jpg  photo IMG_3067_zpsb80eeeec.jpg photo IMG_3071_zpsc546653f.jpg photo IMG_3080_zps3ee4c0d1.jpg photo IMG_3085_zps174fb881.jpg photo IMG_3102_zps0d735e65.jpg photo IMG_3112_zps08b2161c.jpg photo IMG_3135_zps34336555.jpg photo IMG_3137_zps06326fb4.jpg photo IMG_3161_zps031d17ce.jpg photo IMG_3173_zpsfd555d0a.jpg photo IMG_3176_zps2fe96015.jpg photo IMG_3184_zps1c9b834b.jpg photo IMG_3228_zpscddb979e.jpg photo aIMG_3311copy_zpsc1f4c027.jpg photo _MG_5550_zps60c93bb1.jpg  photo _MG_3334_zpsed5d8188.jpg photo _MG_3351_zps1fea8ec4.jpg photo _MG_3361_zpsa760eb32.jpg photo _MG_3408_zps248babef.jpg photo a_MG_3446_zps884af495.jpg photo a_MG_3448_zps9d383891.jpg photo _MG_3466_zps77d96bc6.jpg photo _MG_3468_zps93f56923.jpg photo IMG_3490_zps6d9bbafe.jpg photo IMG_3539_zps1de43d8e.jpg photo IMG_3564_zpsc297ca31.jpg photo IMG_3634-Edit_zps050942a5.jpg photo IMG_3687_zps3cfd7bca.jpg photo IMG_3780_zps37d642df.jpg photo IMG_3835_zpse80deadc.jpg photo IMG_3871_zps48fd35ba.jpg photo IMG_3892_zpsb766bd3f.jpg photo IMG_3953_zpsf0d790e8.jpg photo IMG_4030_zpsa99e9186.jpg photo aIMG_4053_zps49be40a6.jpg photo IMG_4245_zps11636d66.jpg photo IMG_4582_zpsc62ec580.jpg photo IMG_4586_zpsb1974203.jpg photo IMG_4661_zps66c3f9b1.jpg